The Dark Warrior

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I am the Dark Warrior. 

My story is not one that will cause you to like me. I don’t live for approval. At least not from you. I do what I do because my people depend on me for survival and if that offends you then that is not my problem. 

My gift is that of leadership. Some say I am ambitious. They mistake what I do as a need for personal glory. 

The truth is….I am ambitious. But I am not here for personal glory. I serve the All Father. 

I was sent here to this realm, to these people for a purpose. 

I have died and been reborn countless times. I slip from eternity to eternity from realm to realm. As do we all. My journey was decided for me long ago. Because I have this knowledge I am not afraid to make choices and decisions that may be viewed as unpopular by those who don’t yet understand that they have a purpose, let alone what that purpose might be. It’s okay though, they will find awareness. In this life…or the next…or even the next. 


This musing was inspired by the song If I Had a Heart  by Fever Ray

As I listened to this song and just began to write, as I intend to do with all of my musical musings, this story piece just began to flow. It’s crude, but its a start on my journey to burn this writer’s block to the ground!





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The Right to Write

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Goddamn Writer’s Block! This shit has been plaguing me for months and months! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sat down to this blog and come up with….Fuck All.

But, I suppose that’s why I have this space. So I can write whatever pops into my head and you can read it if you feel like it.

So, I had an idea. Music blogging. Not blogging about songs, but blogging about whatever the song evokes in me in the moment.

This could be a very psycho journey, but what the fuck? Let’s do it! And, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to link it so if you listen to it you can also buy it easily because if you’re like me, you’ll obsess and obsess over some songs and have to know everything about it and empty your wallet into iTunes to have it. I spend waaaayyyyy too fucking much money on things like iTunes and Audible. Good God Audible. Best idea EVER. I’ll hook you up there too.

Do you ever obsess over songs? Like, you hear a song and you have to listen to it over and over? Well, it’s one of my more…bizzarre…habits.  Songs, shows, books….You name it. Obsess!!! But whatever, Snow need topic so Snow can get her writing pants back on. Snow write about media.




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Enter The Family

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I suppose before I really get crackin’ on this blog, I should probably hurry up and make some really random weird names up to protect my family’s anonymity.


Ummm….Let’s see:



Alias: Chef … because he’s a chef. You can pretty much plan on the rest of these aliases being as clever as this one.

Child number 1:

Alias: 10 Kid, The 10 Year Old.

Child number 2:

Alias: 9 Kid, The 9 Year Old

The Dog:

Alias: Dog, Old Bat, Bag of Bones, Old Lady, Mamma

What?!? She’s 16!! In dog years that’s in the neighborhood of ninety some ‘odd…she’s earned a few fucking nick names from this nick name slinging family over the years.

Okay, I think that’s enough. If I end up writing about the same people over and over, I’ll come back here and add them for easy reference.


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Fresh starts

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Fresh starts are a great thing. Don’t you think?

I am a big fan of fresh starts and that is exactly what I am doing. I am so sick of blogging for bucks, blogging for someone else, blogging for SEO. Fuck it. I’m done. No deadlines. No specified topics. It just sucks the joy out of it when there are strings attached and I love to blog! It is a joy for me. But it wasn’t for a long time.

When there is pressure attached, all the good stuff goes out the window of my brain anyway.

I’m just going to sit here. Anonymously banging away at this keyboard, doing what I like and not really giving a shit who is or isn’t reading this.

This is my play ground and if you don’t like it I invite you to enjoy this fine video:


Later Gator


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